Our Impact 2009 – 2020

0% Feel More Confident In Achieving Financial, Social & Environmental Impact
0 People Have Accessed Our Employment Support Services
0 Startups & Social Enterprises Successfully Supported
£0 Fuel Poverty Reduction (Afro-Caribbean Community)


Sustainable Development Education Programme

  • Inclusive Museum Heritage Project
  • African Climate Change Centre in Scotland
  • Youth Culture, Heritage, Leadership and Music Project

Transformative Entrepreneurship Programme

  • Innovative Social Enterprise Training
  • African Business Incubation Hub
  • Financial Literacy and Inclusion Training Programme

Community Egangement and Development Programme

  • Tackling Crime Online and Offline, Alcohol and Drugs Abuse
  • Housing issues through the African Housing Forum
  • Recruitment, Employment, & Enterprise Conference

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Recognised as Prime Diaspora Exemplar of Impactive Entrepreneurship’’
United Nations Conference for Trade and Development
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