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Feel More Confident In Achieving Financial, Social & Environmental Impact

People Have Accessed Our Employment Support Services

Startups & Social Enterprises Successfully Supported


Fuel Poverty Reduction (Afro-Caribbean Community)

Our Programmes

Sustainable Development Education Programme

Inclusive Museum Heritage Project

African Climate Change Centre in Scotland

Youth Culture, Heritage, Leadership and Music Project

Transformative Entrepreneurship Programme

Innovative Social Enterprise Training

African Business Incubation Hub

  Financial Literacy and Inclusion Training Programme

Agro-Forestry & Food Security Programme

African Diaspora Agro-Forestry Initiative

Agro-Forestry And Social Entrepreneurship Project

Consultancy & Capacity Buliding

Community Engagement & Development Programme

Tackling Cyber Crime, Drugs & Legal Highs

African Housing Forum

Recruitment, Employment, & Enterprise Conference

Case Studies

Real Transformative & Inspiring Stories  Of Our Work

‘’Recognised as Prime Diaspora Exemplar of Impactive Entrepreneurship’’ United Nations Conference for Trade and Development Geneva



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