• Inspiring Social Enterprise
  • Transformation Through Enterprise & Links To Employers
  • Empowering Africans To Take Control Of Their Own Destinies
  • Lead, Share, Impact, Learn & Connect
  • Instilling Confidence Through Creating The Right Platform & Networks
  • Creating A Network Of African Social Entrepreneurs
  • Enabling & Influencing Through Voice In Policy
  • Maintain Levels Of Support To Help Africans Build Their Own Market Economy, Create Jobs, Build A Self-Perpetuating & Sustainable Future

Welcome to NSI

We hope this website will not only aid to provide information about what we do, but more vitally enable you to engage and work with us. Our focus is on addressing the challenges of building futures, improving and empowering lives and transforming aspiration within the African communities in Scotland.  Read more...

Inspiring Transformation and Voice Project


The Inspiring Transformation Project provides a series of workshops designed to be informative, thought provoking, inspiring and transforming. The target groups are either African or Caribbean/BME members of the community who are currently trying to enter the employment market, get a placement or internship. Read more...

Inclusive Museum Heritage Project

Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow

The Inclusive Museum Heritage Project is an innovative project which will create greater opportunities for African Communities in particular, and minority ethnic communities in general, to access and engage in the Scottish Museum Sector. Read more...

Youth Culture, Heritage, Leadership and Music Project

The Youth Culture, Heritage, Leadership and Music Project, "the way back to my roots" is a youth-led project with focus on establishing the link on the genesis of musical instruments which are embedded within Scottish and African culture and music. Read more...