Transformative Entrepreneurship Programme

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Duration of course:

1 day 10am-3.30pm

This training is designed to empower young people, individuals or groups to establish their own social enterprise. The day will involve discussions around how to network with organisations which may provide opportunities to small businesses. Furthermore, an insight into Credit Unions and how to access them will be explained.

Areas of training will include:

  • An introduction to social enterprises as a concept
  • An opportunity to learn about organising your own social enterprise
  • Networking skills development
  • Explore what enterprise support agencies are and what can they do for you.
  • How to build a record system to maintain your enterprises appear work, and accounts
  • Learning how to empower yourself and your friends to take ownership of your own financial stability through social enterprise developments
  • How to access finance and develop markets
  • An introduction to Africa House, Glasgow

Contact: Asma Abdalla