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A strategic and enabling platform that allows African and Caribbean Communities and organisations to have a voice, engage and influence in mainstream environmental decision-making in Scotland, which will represent the voice of the African and Caribbean Sector. Next Step Initiative coordinate and supports the building of the networks’s capacity and leadership, that will effectively engage with discussions and development on issues of climate change and environmental matters that affects the African and caribbean Communities, so as to encourage and influence a better inclusive policy environment.

Network’s Aims are:

  • To enable African and Caribbean organisations and communities in Scotland to come together to discuss and raise awareness of climate and environmental issues.
  • To have a voice and influence on climate justice and climate change issues affecting them
  • To share best practice among its members
  • To enhance and develop the capacity of members
  • To encourage and increase the participation of African and Caribbean organisations in all key consultations, campaigns and workshops
  • To engage in dialogue with key decision makers at national and local level.

Emeka, Chair of Network and Coordinator Friends of All Project

‘’ This is an opportunity to ensure the African Communities, the second largest Ethnic Minority Community have a voice on this important issue and to ensure resources are properly allocated to the African Communities, of which it has not been so’’

Lila Ndazia, Member and secretary of Network; Chair African Women Empowerment Scotland

‘’ We want to see a far more better and cooperative environment with the Fund Manager Keep Scotland Beautiful and with Scottish Government. We want to see more resources deploy to the African and Caribbean Communities. We want to see a change in approach and support’’

Beltus Etchu Ojong, Member and CEO Next Step Initiative

If you are interested in joining please contact Scotland African and Caribbean Environmental Network (SACEN) at:


Phone- 01414402700