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Since 2009 Next Step Initiative is the charity and leading ethnic minority social enterprise that works to empower, improve and transform the quality of life of African communities in Scotland and to help train and empower young people in African emerging nations to become entrepreneurial so as to engage in trade and then be self-sufficient and masters of their own livelihoods and destinies


Enabling members within the African and Caribbean/BME communities in Scotland to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future


Our energizing model is to shun decades of unproductive and self-defeating dependency on aid and instead aim to increase employability and entrepreneurship within African and Caribbean communities so as to underpin the self-perpetuating means of addressing unemployment, social exclusion and poverty; thereby creating financially sustainable, empowering, scalable and systemic solutions to the challenging problems our communities face.


Next Step Initiative believes that delivering services in a holistic, and multi-purpose approach is the most effective way to empower the disadvantaged communities, build their capacity and support them towards attaining sustainability, regeneration and to deliver financial and commercial independence.


Next Step Initiative is helping educate, train and transform the African Diaspora in Scotland and thus help them to reconnect with Africa. We at Next Step Initiative believe in helping deliver empowerment and transformation instead of introducing mere change (which is reversible) and are committed to engage in fostering ‘’trade’’ and not ‘’aid’’ as the key to delivering a permanent escape from the pervasive dilemma and despair of the poverty trap.  Out Agroforestry model involves training in both technical and financial entrepreneurship and the resultant improvement in harvests creates surplus income for hitherto impoverished farming families. It creates jobs for young people, addresses the communal negativity of urban migration, embraces female employment and provides hope for young people


Next Step Initiative seek to lead and shape policy at Scottish, UK and African level. Find out more about our international programme.