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Since established in 2009, Next Step Initiative Key Achievements to date includes;

Past Achievements;

Next Step Initiative Capacity Building Programme: 2009-present date

Inspiring Inclusive Museum Heritage Project 2014-2016

 Low Carbon Glasgow African Community Scheme 2011-2012

 The African Youth Cultural Heritage Diversity Leadership Project 2014-2015

 African Youth Leadership Programme On Drug, Alcohol & Cyber Crime  -2014-2016

 Coming To Scotland: Stories From African Pioneers 2012-2014

 African Housing Forum 2013-present date

Inspiring Transformation & Voice Project 2014 to present

African Climate Change Centre in Scotland 2012-2015


Next Step Initiative Capacity Building Programme

Since 2009 over 1950 individuals, young people, African Diaspora and families supported, coached, mentored & trained to access employment, further trainings and education,placements, in agro-forestry and agro-entrepreneurism techniques, volunteering and as committee board members at various community organisations ,to empower, build their capacity and enhance sustainability to enable them to engage with the social, economic and civic aspects of the Scottish society.

Low Carbon Glasgow African Community Scheme

Funded by the Scottish Government, with the aim of working with the African community in Glasgow over a period of 10 months to raise the issue of climate change and poverty and provide support among 150 households within this community in Glasgow and help these communities to make necessary changes to reduce their CO2 emissions by 4% over the 10 month period

Some key facts;

  • 500 people from the African communities in Scotland and specifically 200 in Glasgow have taken part in one or more of the different activities through the pilot project via awareness raising sessions delivered by climate change champions and Radio Kilimanjaro.
  • Champions have now engaged with 140 households in Glasgow and 30 households in West of Scotland (Paisley, Johnstone and Linwood).
  • 80 of the 140 households now say over the period, as a result of the support have witnessed a decrease in their energy bill by 11%. This amount to £13,007.50 savings for the 80 households in total for the year, which is equal to £162.50 per household per year or £40 per household per quarter.
  • Cut CO2 emission within the 80 African households in Glasgow by 58.4492 tonnes of CO2e

NSI worked closely with Scottish Government Climate Change Directoriate to advocate on behalf of Ethnic Minorities to request the Scottish Government to encourage more Ethnic Minorities to access their funding in many areas in particular Climate Challenge Fund. Results of this consultation and the recommendations from NSI publications “Tackling Inequality and Climate Change” (2012) and “Actions on Mobilising African Youths in Scotland to Engage on Climate Change” (2014), led to the equality target being added as part of the Fund criteria.

Coming To Scotland: Stories From African Pioneers

The project recognised that many early African migrants to Scotland were now ageing, taking their personal histories with them. So the project aimed to record those important memories before they are lost and to celebrate the history and achievements of Scotland`s African Community. Interviews, artefacts and photographs were collected for a book, touring exhibition and web site., and were made available for everyone at the Next Step Initiative and Centre For African Development and Research gallery .This continue to play a very important role in educating both the Scottish community and policy makers on the key role our community plays in the development of the Scottish society and economy. Over 150 participants were involved and gained various skills in interpretation, exhibition and events managements, in oral history, in archiving and documentary.

The African Youth Cultural Heritage Diversity Leadership Project

The African Youth Cultural Diversity Leadership Heritage Project “the way back to my roots”

Worked with over 100 young people and focused on establishing the link on the genesis of musical instruments such as the Banjo which are embedded within Scottish and African music and its influences in modern music in Scotland, providing young Scots of African heritage between the age of 11 and 25 with active roles in planning and delivering the project. The youth  led in the work to establish the origins of the musical instruments and the history of the instrument presence in Scotland.

Working in partnership with the Musical Instrument Museum in Edinburgh University, the young people make a series of visits to learn about some musical instruments where they gained further knowledge to inform their activity outcomes within the project. They all gained leadership, team building, problem solving, inter-personal and project management skills

African Housing Forum  

A Strategic partnership between Wheatley Group/GHA and NSI has lead to the formation of the African Housing Forum. This has provided a voice for the African Communities and tenants living within the Group/GHA to have a voice on how services are shape and delivered within the organisation. As a result of this, we now have 3 Africans on different important committees within the Group; there is now one African on the GHA board and a director within the Wheatley Group Foundation, one African on the Scrutiny Panel of the Group and One African on the Customer Review Panel of the Group. This is significant transformation as a result of this pilot.  Each appointment indicates a “first” for the Wheatley/GHA group.

African Youth Leadership Programme On Drug & Alcohol

Delivered leadership programme on drug and alcohol with young people from the African and Caribbean communities in Glasgow in partnership with Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council and NHS Scotland. This brought together over 300 young people from the African and Caribbean Communities and others with their parents and families. This has led to more young people from the African and Caribbean Communities in Glasgow accessing support while at the same time providing the support agencies with vital information on how to work and engage with our communities.

Inspiring Transformation & Voice Project

Our social enterprise programme and business incubation and accelerator hub have supported over 375 Individuals, organisations, and community groups. Support provided included how to set up start ups, funding support, social enterprises, community groups and all have equally access start up and social enterprise trainings, and mentoring services through our business incubation hub

Impact On The Heritage Sector in Scotland

NSI is leading the ethnic minority sector across Scotland in engaging and influencing the Heritage Sector in Scotland and this includes;

Recognition 2016

Next Step Initiative’s Inclusive Museum Heritage Project has been recognised as a Recruitment Best Practices Model by an external evaluation Report September 2016 by BOP Consulting titled ‘’Character Matters: Attitudes, behaviours and skills in the UK Museum Workforce ‘’commissioned by Arts Council England, Museum Galleries Scotland, Museums Association, Association of Independent Museums.

Inclusive Museum Heritage Project

This is the first ethnic minority led heritage internship created across Scotland

The project has brought an understanding of the museum sector in Scotland both as a route of employability and also as an educational resource for African families to engage with. The result of which are the successful  placement of 4  paid  12 month trainees in work experience positions,  and the engagement of over 400 families and communities to engage through a series a events, capacity building workshops and tours. These 4 interns have completed a 12 months placement with museums across Scotland, earning above the living wage and also completed the SVQ level 3 in museum practice. This is in partnership with Glasgow Life, National Trust Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland. This programme equally provided diversity and equality trainings to the Museums sector across Scotland on how to engage and work with other communities. This has now lead to African and caribbean working in the sector

African Climate Change Centre in Scotland

Provided climate change and energy saving awareness, training and outreach community support work for over 3 years to 3500 African and Caribbean Households in both Glasgow and West of Scotland, resulting to £258,400.14 savings in total over 3 years.


African Housing Forum Conference 2014

In partnership with Wheatley Group/GHA engaged over 250   African and Caribbean and Ethnic Minority tenants to discuss, explore and raise awareness of the housing issues faced by ethnic minorities in Scotland. This continue to empower the community to have voice and influence on this important key housing sector across Scotland and so benefit from the opportunities within it..

The African Diaspora Recruitment, Employment, & Enterprise Conference INDABA 2015

The conference engaged our 300 African and Caribbean Diaspora, Policy makers, Scottish Government and mainstream public and private employers and businesses in;

  • Helping Scots African Diaspora better understand policy makers in community engagement, employment and entrepreneurship
  • Taking a big step towards African Diaspora sustainability
  • Harnessing links between African Diaspora & unleash the potential of the Scots African Diaspora
  • Taking significant steps towards delivering equality of opportunities to the African Diaspora
  • Taking a step towards lifting the African Diaspora from poverty
  • Taking a step towards greater understanding of the potential skills and experiences of the African Diaspora in the field of employment and of entrepreneurship
  • Taking a great step towards helping the African Diaspora to understand the needs of the Scottish employers and a better understanding of the enterprise market and the dynamics of the job market
  • Ensuring Scots African Diaspora inclusion, integration and their contribution to the Scottish economy.