Information of Funded Organisations

 NameGrant awardedSummary
 THE AFRICAN HERITAGE CENTRE GLASGOW£11,400Provision of training on musical instruments for young people aged between 11-25 years who are of African and Scottish heritage.
 DIVINE RESTORATION CHURCH PAISLEY£10,500Creation of awareness on the dangers of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse, as well as provide entrepreneurial skills through an inhouse hub.
 SAFETY AWARENESS GLASGOW£6,500Provision of bike-ability training sessions as well as bike-ability safety sessions for pre-teens and teenagers from BME families
 THE AFRO-CARIBBEAN HERITAGE CENTRE EDINBURGH£11,400Provision of IT and sewing skills in a cultural drop in café in Edinburgh.
 FRIENDS FOR ALL PROJECT£8,800Provision of digital skills as well as financial literacy/personal finance training to members of BME community in Glasgow.
 DIASPORA AFRICAN WOMEN’S SUPPORT NETWORK£10,040Establishment of financial services hub which will provide relevant financial literacy skills to women and act as a feeder (for employment) to financial institutions in Scotland.
 CEMVO ENTERPRISES CIC£11,278Design and development of mobile apps (in several ethnic languages) that will help to improve public health especially for ethnic minorities in Scotland. This is in
 FAIR JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR SCOTLAND GROUP£14,975Research examining the impact of COVID-19 on migrants, refugees, and asylum Seekers. The overarching aim
 LIVING SOLO INITIATIVE£12,600Provision of practical vocational mentoring, leadership and confidence building activities.
 COMMUNITY ASSET PROJECT£8,100Provision of money management service and digital skills to households with Portuguese as their official language (PALOPs).
 AWAZ VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY£7,350Provision of practical skills such as writing a CV, job search and applications, training on interview techniques for young people who are neither in school or employment and not accessing relevant training that could improve their chances for employment.
 BASELINE 360 LIMITED£7,100Provision of training, mentoring and operational support to enterprises negatively affected by the current pandemic.
 JAMBO! RADIO£7,700Provision of training and certification in broadcast production for volunteers.
 MORE HOPE FOUNDATION£4,000Provision of language classes as well as skills development workshops designed for young people (YP).
 AFRICAN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT SCOTLAND£7,500Provision of entrepreneurial skills via an African kitchen. This will include skills on leadership, setting up and managing a café/restaurant, product design and branding, networking, and partnerships.
 ONYEAGHARANNWANNEYA CLUB£5,880Creation of peer-to-peer platform built on the cooperative principle of group solidarity.
 APOCOM KITCHEN COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY£5,600Provision of entrepreneurial skills via an African kitchen.
 TIME TO HEAL£6,930Addressing twin issue of loneliness and social isolation and   promotion of technological capability and resilience.
 ISARO COMMUNITY INITIATIVE£5,000Provision of several services including teaching English language at various levels, counselling, and career advice.
 BABA YANGU FOUNDATION£5,000Provision of activities geared towards increasing awareness on mental health for individuals from Black minority communities.
 IMO PROGRESSIVE UNION£3,250Purchase of bicycles and safety equipment for men from BME communities.
 IGBO WOMEN ASSOCIATION GLASGOW£3,250The project ‘Bounce Back’ seeks to improve the activity levels of women from BME communities by providing bicycles and helmets as well as training for 10 women.
 NURTURE EDUCATIONAL AND MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY£6,500Provision of maths and English classes for (BAME)young people in primary and Secondary Schools.
 UNIVERSAL FOOTBALL CLUB£10,040Training of players (children), coaches and referees from diverse minority ethnic groups.
 POLLOKSHIELDS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY£5,000Creation of an online creativity hub where several skills (digital, creative writing, English language) will be provided.
 THE DATAKIRK£13,000Expansion of STEM tutoring hub for young people who were disproportionately affected by Covid-19.
 IGBO WELFARE UNION GLASGOW£3,500The project seeks to provide training and enterprise workshops for individuals from minority ethnic groups who lost their jobs as a result of the current pandemic. 
 GLASGOW LIVING WATERS CHURCH£5,816Provision of multiple inter-related workshops including, IT skills aimed at helping migrants understand several facets of immigration- challenges and benefit system.
 BE UNITED£5,000Provision of economic empowerment workshops, for families, students, and asylum seekers from African and Caribbean communities.
 MALAWIAN INITIATIVE FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (MIND)£5,500The project seeks to build the capacity to fundraise as well as project writing/ management skills.
 ANN’S KITCHEN£4,000Provision of online cooking workshops as well as delivery of African food parcels to individuals from BME communities in Edinburgh.
 MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRIES 3£5,000Provision of improve the mental health and overall wellbeing for activities for women and youth from BAME communities.
 OSHER-G WOMEN EDINBURGH£8,959In partnership with the university of Edinburgh, the project seeks to develop a mobile app for Women from BME communities in Scotland.  The app will provide daily motivational messages for women who have experienced   life changing phenomena such as separation, widowhood, and divorce.
 OUTDOORS FOR YOU£5,000Provision of free and safe walking activities for migrants especially asylum seekers and those seeking refuge in the UK who have been adversely affected by the current pandemic.
 ANDO GLASO£4,100Expansion and transformation of activities from face-to-face delivery to livestreaming sessions (Roma cultural hub located in the centre for contemporary arts in Glasgow- which essentially show cases Roma culture and talent and provided employment opportunities for some members of the community).
 TURN FLICKS£6,850Training and certification of individuals (especially the youth and unemployed) from BAME communities. Areas for training include innovative story telling techniques, camera works, sound recording and editing, creation of drama series and podcast.
 THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD, PAISLEY£5,000The project seeks to achieve multiple but related objectives for families, students, and asylum seekers from African and Caribbean communities. These include workshops addressing low self-esteem and peer pressure as well as social isolation among foreign students especially those from BAME communities.
 HOPE AMPLIFIED£5,000The project seeks to achieve multiple objectives for individuals from BAME communities. This includes gardening, self-confidence workshops, cookery classes and Other desirable social skills.
 SCOTTISH COUNCIL FOR AFRICAN CHURCHES£13,459Promotion of BME owned businesses and organisations. This will be achieved through a compilation of organisations, a website as well as the production of a booklet/directory.
 MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRIES EDINBURGH£5,000In partnership with Police Scotland, the project seeks to build the capacity of the youth in Edinburgh especially those from BAME communities. Training workshops will focus on leadership, crime prevention, and intervention, social and career skills as well as workshops that seek to address antisocial behaviour such as alcohol and drug use.
 ASSOCIATION OF AFRICANS IN SCOTLAND£5,000The project seeks to achieve multiple objectives including educational and career workshops, training and mentoring for individuals from BME communities who are experiencing hardship as a result of the current pandemic.
 J-PRAISE INTERNATIONAL£5,350To provide music lessons to individuals from migrant communities who do not have recourse to public funds and other welfare benefits.
 PASSION4FUSION£6,500The project seeks to deliver peer training (train- the-trainer), development workshops (adaptability, resilience, and self-confidence) aimed at improving the mental health of youths from BAME communities.
 DAR AL-FALAAH COMMUNITY EDUCATION LIMITED£5,280The project seeks to provide a range of educational and social activities including sports, teaching Arabic as a foreign language for personal and business use, leisure, health and wellbeing, drama, art, storytelling, film and media and environmental studies.
 HOURS OF GRACE PRAYER MINISTRY£6,000The project seeks to address the challenges of underemployment and unemployment of individuals from African communities in Aberdeen by providing training, coaching, and mentoring workshops.
 STRONGER TOGETHER ENTERPRISE (CIC)£4,020The project seeks to address social isolation and provide digital training to identified individuals who recently received laptops from Connecting Scotland Project.
 RCCG KING OF GLORY EDINBURGH£5,000The project seeks to provide infrastructural support for BME enterprises in Edinburgh.
 CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION SCOTLAND£6,560The project seeks to provide sewing activities for young women who are NEET.
 TRENDYPR& EVENTS£6,563The project seeks to expand the provision of several workshops to individuals from BME communities in Aberdeen.
 AFRO CELTIC CONNECTIONS£7,200In partnership with Glasgow Life and the Celtic Connections, the project seeks to develop and organise a digital winter festival that will showcase 25 African musicians and storytellers in Glasgow/Scotland.
 KTSL ENTREPRENEUR CENTRE CIC£9,650The project seeks to provide hands-on IT engineering workshops and certification for individuals (youth) from BME communities.