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Who We Are Working With

  • 95% of all those we are working with from the African and Caribbean communities are working/living in the 20% most deprived geographical communities in Scotland.
  • 1 in 4 of our service users have direct experience of the social issues they aim to address.

What Issues We Are Tackling?

We work with our service users from the African and Caribbean communities to tackle a range of social issues, with 85% of our service users saying social enterprises is the first of its kind in their community.

Key recurring themes among our service users are;

  • encouraging enterprise behaviours within our community particularly engaging our young people as early as possible.
  • creating flexible work opportunities for families.
  • access to affordable childcare.
  • connecting people and communities.
  • tackling poverty, social and digital exclusion.
  • tackling widening health inequalities through having a voice, food and nutrition.
  • ensuring African and Caribbean communities have a voice across mainstream bodies at decision making level.

How Do Our Programmes Help?

  • 85% of our service users feel more confident in being able to achieve positive social/environmental impact as a result of our programmes.
  • 75% feel more confident about being able to measure the impact of our programmes on them.
  • 70% agree or strongly agree that the programmes has contributed to a greater financial sustainability to their families.
  • 92% have stayed in contact with people they met during the programme.