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Next Step Initiative is helping educate, train and transform the African Diaspora in Scotland and thus help them to reconnect with Africa. We at Next Step Initiative believe in helping deliver empowerment and transformation instead of introducing mere change (which is reversible) and are committed to engage in fostering ‘’trade’’ and not ‘’aid’’ as the key to delivering a permanent escape from the pervasive dilemma and despair of the poverty trap and food insecurity.  Out Agro-forestry model involves training in both technical and financial entrepreneurship and the resultant improvement in harvests creates surplus income for hitherto impoverished farming families thereby improving food security. It creates jobs for young people, addresses the communal negativity of urban migration, embraces female employment and provides hope for young people

Our Capacity Building Programme in Agro-Forestry and Social Enterpreneurism For African Scottish Lead Social Enterprises and Communities:

NSI is helping transform African Diaspora In Scotland and Helping Them to Reconnect with Africa

We at Next Step Initiative (NSI) firmly believe that fostering ‘trade’ and not aid is the key to delivering an escape from this pervasive dilemma. What is abundantly clear is that the time to engage in this strategic re-direction has arrived. All the signs from Scotland and Africa illustrate that the continent is awakening and changing. There is growing acknowledgement of the unique untapped potential from creating employment for women and young people within the African diaspora community in Scotland and how that can open other markets across Scotland and Africa. Newly created disposable income from this windfall can help enable women’s aspirations to successfully educate their families and help grow a new ‘strata’ of wealth and consumer spending.

If NSI solutions are applied and community empowerment and engagement are deployed, then together, we can create a movement which will generate a dynamic cascading effect and spread from village to community, from district to region and ultimately from country to Continent.  For example, NSI solutions in Agroforestry regeneration employ NSI designed ‘knowledge management tools’ which improve farming yields between 6-10 times better than current attainment levels. NSI has the Entrepreneurial tools and coaching to assist in creating new markets for African communities in Scotland and how they then reconnect within their respective countries of origin and the transformative management tools to enable and help deliver effective implementation of initiatives which underpin positive impact and sustainable change. Through employing NSI expertise, techniques and tools, we can help transform Africa, create food surpluses, create employment, deliver improved livelihoods, raise self- esteem and embed a self-perpetuating platform of growing knowledge and expertise which will sustain and deliver permanent and irreversible transformations across the Continent.

How do we do it?

Our NSI team listens to the experiences of African Diaspora asartisans and practitioners in Scotland and learns from their range of abilities and from their environment and cultural contexts, so that NSI better identifies and understands their challenges. NSI then gets to the heart of the real problems facing many African Diaspora practitioners in Scotland recognizing that ‘to judge a nation’s health, count the water taps and not the hospital beds’. We at NSI identify the limitations and restrictions of previously ineffective strategies  which have consistently delivered disappointing outcomes and poor results. As Thomas Paine in Common Sense wrote in 1777, ‘a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right’.

Firstly, NSI gathers evidence and information to better understand contexts and help us think ‘front line’ challenges through. We identify the unwritten rules or outdated behavioral techniques which many practitioners (and even managers) use to run their organisations but which often impede profitability, miss anticipated targets. These are often well intentioned or archaic embedded solutions which fail to engender positive engagement and which often stifle flow or momentum. NSI then aligns the best of local expertise and local context to our formulated ‘knowledge management based’ NSI thinking and expertise.

NSI then devises solutions and prepare tactics to introduce transformation and help introduce optimal, positive engagement and momentum.  We select key ‘user friendly’ solutions and introduce them into areas of challenge and apparent impasse. We introduce initial transformation strategies  which help enable our partner practitioners to gain insights which then enables them to best understand the benefits and the advantages of transformative change. We identify practitioner ‘advocates’ (influential workers and managers) who become our ‘champions’.  These NSI advocates get the message, quickly understand and embrace the values of transformation. NSI then harness and hone their leadership skills. We coach, educate and empower our identified and enlightened ‘influencing advocates’ to become ‘trainers’ themselves and then work alongside these ‘advocate leaders’ to work alongside NSI and jointly implement the delivery of sustainable change. NSI constantly monitors, fine tunes and reviews our strategies to best suit evolving situations and improve implementation.

Working alongside our ‘influential advocates’, we maximise the resultant, improved results and satisfaction derived from our proactive and positive changes, to gain ‘even more’ front line support from inquisitive, interested and envious adjoining communities. This then generates a region-wide ripple effect which in turn encourages acceptance and positive engagement. This enables NSI to ‘embed’ our newly introduced and improved processes. Our NSI techniques then become understood and accepted as ‘best practice’ initiatives into their communities and daily work and activities. Working together, we thus help create sustainable transformations and not fleeting changes.

Our newly identified and appointed ‘champions’ thus become NSI sustainable transformation ‘evangelists’ who help embed demonstrable, understandable and user friendly cutting edge, innovative techniques to win community wide support and the hearts, minds and a new unstoppable momentum of belief and hope for disadvantaged African people previously lost and forgotten in the pervasive, debilitating and cyclical trap of poverty and despair. Engaging NSI ethical and transformative solutions enables the creation of a burgeoning platform of hope, salvation and family prosperity.