Introduction To Theatre Paid Internships

National Theatre of Scotland / Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Paid Theatre Internships
An introduction to theatre for individuals from Scotland’s ethnic minority communities

The National Theatre of Scotland is passionate about representing Scotland’s many diverse voices, skills and stories in its work and workforce. 

In 2011, the National Theatre of Scotland formally recognised ethnic minority communities as one of three groups of Scots most underrepresented across the organisation’s full range of activities, including representation amongst the board, staff, artists, productions and audiences.

Over the past 6 years, we have supported theatre artists from ethnic minority communities to develop their skills and make new theatre productions.  

We have also recruited a small number of staff and board members who reflect broader ethnic diversity within the workforce.

However, we want to inspire more individuals from ethnic minority communities to explore a career in theatre.

Theatre is made by many people in very different roles, not just by actors and writers.  The National Theatre of Scotland employs over 40 permanent staff across marketing, press, digital, producing, finance, administration, fundraising, learning and participation, stage management, building management, design, technical and artist development.

In 2017, with support from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and the Next Step Initiative, we are offering five individuals from ethnic minority communities, based in Scotland, the opportunity to undertake a five-week long paid internship, across any department/activity within the Company.

Each selected individual will be paid a weekly fee of £400. In addition, the Company will pay a weekly commuting allowance of up to £23 per day to anyone who lives more than 25 miles from the Company’s offices in Rockvilla (G4 9TL), where the internships will be based.

The internship will be delivered in three parts:

  1. The full cohort of 5 interns will spend five days (11-5pm) at our offices (4-8 December 2017) to be given an introduction to each department, its staff and its work.


  1. In December, the Company’s Director of Artistic Development will work with each intern and relevant heads of department in the Company, to develop a bespoke learning plan for each intern.  


This will marry together specific forthcoming opportunities within the organisation, and the bespoke needs/wishes of the individual.


  1. Four weeks working within one department/across a number of departments, in line with a bespoke development plan.  


These four weeks can be worked on consecutive, non-consecutive weeks or day by day (20 days in total) within the scope of the internship, and in line with the needs and availability of the intern between January – March 2018.



Individuals must:

  • be aged 18 years or older
  • self-identify as from an ethnic minority community
  • live in Scotland
  • have good written and verbal communication skills


Individuals must not be:

  • undertaking fulltime university/higher education
  • a professional or emergent theatre artist



To apply, candidates must answer the questions below in a word document, and submit it by email to

Deadline for applications: Friday 27 October 2017

Decision Deadline:  Friday 3 November 2017


Your Name

Your Address

Your Email Address

Your Phone Number

  1. A short statement about yourself and your experience and/or interest in theatre (max 200 words)
  2. A short statement about what area/s of theatre work you might like to explore (where you can identify this) (max 200 words)
  3. A short statement about how this opportunity will benefit you (max 200 words)
  4. What would you want to have achieved by the end of the internship? (max 200 words)
  5. Information about any Access Needs (where applicable)


Once you have submitted your application, you will be emailed a link to our anonymous online Diversity Monitoring Form which we would be grateful if you could complete.


Selection will be based on your response to questions 3 and 4, with places being prioritised for candidates whose needs and interests best fit with the opportunities available through this programme.

We will not be able to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

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