Employability Programme

The Inspiring Transformation Project provides a series of workshops designed to be informative, thought provoking, inspiring and transforming. The target groups are either African or Caribbean/BME members of the community who are currently trying to enter the employment market, get a placement or internship. Or they are employers who are interested in helping these members of the community to achieve their employability aspirations and goals; a helping hand so to speak.

Financial and Social Inclusion is an ongoing challenge for many community members; which as we know subsequently leads to a variety of underpinning issues such as ill health, mental illness, relationship problems, exclusion from the Scottish communities in general.

Our work here at the Next Step Initiative through our Development and Inspiring Transformation project is tailor made to help address these challenges through our participants (participants and employers); as well as through a contribution to those in authority (e.g. Government policy makers).

The project is designed to support all stakeholders and participants to ensure there are benefits for all who take part. We focus on a WIN/WIN ethos and look forward to working with you in a variety of capacities.

Initially, there are 5 workshops available but as the year progresses we will be offering additional workshops based upon participants and employers feedback and suggestions. Furthermore, underpinning this will be the results of our Community Needs Audit which will also drive the types of courses we develop in future to ensure we are actively contributing to the integration of African or Caribbean/BME members into the Scottish community.


This autumn we would like to invite you to attend the following culturally sensitive courses and workshops.

         NB:  Your status is not a problem because this is free training and not paid employment.

Our “Employability Programme” is delivered across a series of half day or full day workshops/training sessions.

You are welcome to attend one, some or all.


How to Book your place:


Download your booking form and email back to Dr Rosemary Sleith  Email r.sleith@nextstepinitiative.org


Hardcopy forms maybe collected at Next Step Initiative, Africa House, 300, Broomloan Rd, Glasgow, G51 2JQ  these should be completed and returned by post for the attention of Dr Rosemary Sleith


By hand to the Next Step Initiative Reception, Africa House, 300, Broomloan Rd, Glasgow, G51 2JQ  these for the attention of Dr Rosemary Sleith.


Inspiring Transformation Employability Autumn Programme

Courses and workshops

  1. Title: Confidence Building  

The aim of this workshop is to HELP YOU to:

  • Make you feel more comfortable in promoting yourself to future employers.
  • Identify your skills and attributes.
  • Introduce you to the world of work and how to travel through it in a confident way.

Free Half day workshop 10 am - 1pm

This is a standalone workshop and is open to job seekers and non job seekers.


  1.  Title:    “Step 1 to Employment”

The aim of this workshop is to HELP YOU to:

  • Identify sources of employment.
  • Explore ways of being pro-active and taking ownership of your own job search strategy.
  • Develop a plan to support you through the job searching journey.
  • Keep records of your journey.

Free Half day workshop 10 am - 1pm

All job seekers welcome or potential job seekers welcome


  1. Title:     “Step 2 to Employment”

The aim of this workshop is to HELP YOU to:

  • Build your own network.
  • Develop ways of communicating with potential employers.
  • Explore ways of marketing yourself to potential employers.


Free Half day workshop 10 am - 1pm

All job seekers welcome or potential job seekers welcome


  1. Title: “Step 3 to Employment”

The aim of this workshop is to HELP YOU to:

  • Develop your writing skills.
  • Get to grips with the terminology used by employers in job adverts and job descriptors.
  • Understand what a covering letter needs to include and how to write one.


Free Half day workshop 10 am - 1pm

All job seekers welcome or potential job seekers welcome


  1. Title: “Step 4 to Employment”

The aim of this training day is to HELP YOU to:

Part 1 (10.00am till 12.00)

  • Complete application forms.
  • Understand what you are being asked.
  • Recognise your skills and competencies.
  • Power write your responses.
  • Explore ways of getting across what you need to in the most effective way.
  • Introduce you to the Etiquette of using Referees

Part 2 (12.30 till 2.30pm)

The aim of this workshop is to HELP YOU to:

  • Identify what type of CV you need for what job.
  • Know what to put where.
  • Understand what competencies are and how to show them on your CV.
  • Explore power writing for CV’s.
  • Introduce you to the Etiquette of using Referees.

Free 1 day training

All job seekers welcome or potential job seekers welcome

Are you unemployed and interested in a job?

If ‘YES’ read on ……

Employability Workshops

2 day Training Programme 2016/2017

The 2 day programme may/can lead to a Placement with the Wheatley Group in Glasgow.


These workshops are tailor made for you and will provide training in:

  • Advert analysis
  • Job search skills
  • Application Form Filling Techniques
  • Letter writing skills
  • CV writing skills
  • Interview skills
  • Personal and Professional Development

All places will be confirmed by email.

Travel expenses (with bus ticket). Childcare costs for registered childcare. Lunch and refreshments available.

What are you waiting for?

Contact: Dr Rosemary Sleith, Education, Training & Development Manager Email: r.sleith@nextstepinitiative.org.uk

The Next Step Initiative

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Telephone: 0141 440 2700 or 07958062528

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Wheatley Group Employability Training Booking Form


As a programme, the employability Training has been successful in many ways by:

  • Raising self confidence, awareness and motivation to actively promote themselves to future employers of individuals within communities
  • Enhancing the way individuals see themselves as future employees through reflection, skills analysis and professional development
  • Exploring job search record keeping strategies
  • Developing Active Writing skills
  • Exposing the differences between recruitment, selection and interview processes across different cultures and countries
  • Successfully helping individuals to be successful at the interview stage.


As the result of the Employability Programme individuals have:

  • Developed a positive attitude to doing job searches
  • A realisation that the skills they have are transferrable to other areas of employment
  • An understanding that if one door closes another is waiting to open for them
  • Regained their Voice and self worth
  • Appreciated that there are more routes into employment open to them than they initially thought
  • Accept there may be a need to up-skill, take on additional training or acquire a qualification linked to field of work being targeted

Links with external partners have been made to enhance the levels of employability within those attending:

Wheatley Group:  Offer their African tenants an opportunity to attend a two day training programme here at Next Step Initiative and if successful they will consider them for a placement. They also actively encourage their tenants to get involved with various committees within their own organisation for example, Scrutiny panel and Board.

Why become an Intern or Volunteer?


Getting involved, even when there is no income attached at the time takes a degree of forward thinking on your part. Being in a new country or being in a country you are now familiar with but remain excluded in the community due to lack of financial and social inclusion is very disheartening and can affect your own sense of wellbeing and your health. Such a situation will then affect your family, friends and fellows in the community. We want to open doors for you so why not read on and come along?

Joining the Intern and volunteer programme within Next Step Initiative would allow you to gain the following (all free):

√  Work experience

√  Expert advice , guidance and support

√  An opportunity to gain additional training to identify transferable skills

√  Build up a relationship with your volunteer supervisor to enable them in time to become your referee for when you begin to apply for income based jobs in the future

√  Allow you to attend all personal and professional development training being delivered through other projects within Next Step Initiative including:

  • Employability Training
  • Financial Literacy and Inclusion Training
  • Innovative social enterprise Training
  • Diversity awareness training
  • Cultural and holistic capacity building training
  • Networking Training
  • Benefits of becoming a volunteer training

√  Helps to build your network of contacts

√  Opens doors into the community through existing Next Step Initiative links with Scottish partners in the community

√  Become a Member of our Intern and Volunteer Club (monthly meetings)

Contact Rosemary Sleith: Training Manager (NSI) and Development Officer “Inspiring Transformation” Project

Next Step Initiative, 300 Broomloan Road, Glasgow G51 2 JQ

Tel: 07564265293 (9am-5pm Monday-Friday)

Email: r.sleith@nextstepinitiative.org.uk