The Afro-Caribbean Good Life Environmental Initiative (TAGLEI) project

This is the age of sustainable living which presents us with opportunities to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet theirs.

The Afro-Caribbean Good Life Environmental Initiative is a Next Step Initiative project funded by the Scottish Government to create and increase awareness as well as support sustainable living among the Afro-Caribbean community in Glasgow.

Energy saving support and recycling and up-cycling are some of the activities we do to help our community reduce carbon footprints and improve on sustainable living.

Energy saving video

The key areas of the project seek to impact the efficient use of energy in Afro-Caribbean homes and promote responsible consumption through a swap shop and up-cycling.

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Community Engagement - How we do it

We reach out to the community via groups, associations and partner organisations and through our media partner ABCi Media we offer a voice to our community to talk about issues and to contribute in the local authorities meetings and policies.

Next Step Initiative believes that delivering services in a holistic, and multi-purpose approach is the most effective way to empower the disadvantaged communities, build their capacity and support them towards attaining sustainability, regeneration and to deliver financial and commercial independence.

Here is a video of one of such engagement meetings in Edinburgh.

Sustainable Development Education

Enabling members within the African and Caribbean/BME communities in Scotland to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

Contact us for more details on 0141 440 2700

Transformative Entrepreneurship

Our energising model is to shun decades of unproductive and self-defeating dependency on aid and instead aim to increase employability and entrepreneurship within African and the Caribbean communities so as to underpin the self-perpetuating means of addressing unemployment, social exclusion and poverty; thereby creating financially sustainable, empowering, scalable and systemic solutions to the challenging problems our communities face.

Employability skills training

           Employability Skills

This is our free training programme which we  offer to people of all ages who are looking for work or getting into work.

Sessions include: CV Clinic, making an application for employment

We deliver this training with the supports of our partners

Contact us on 0141 440 2700 for more info on Employability training.




Heritage Development

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Social Enterprise Development

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Next Step Initiative seek to lead and shape policy at Scottish, UK and African level. Find out more about our international programme.

Graduate Employability Project in Nigeria

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Business Process Optimization System for Nigeria Police Force Pension

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Business Process Optimization System for Kano Electricity Distribution Company Nigeria

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