Transformative Entrepreneurship Programme

Duration of course:

1 day 10am-3.30pm

This training is designed to empower young people, individuals or groups to establish their own social enterprise. The day will involve discussions around how to network with organisations which may provide opportunities to small businesses. Furthermore, an insight into Credit Unions and how to access them will be explained.

Areas of training will include:

  • An introduction to social enterprises as a concept
  • An opportunity to learn about organising your own social enterprise
  • Networking skills development
  • Explore what enterprise support agencies are and what can they do for you.
  • How to build a record system to maintain your enterprises appear work, and accounts
  • Learning how to empower yourself and your friends to take ownership of your own financial stability through social enterprise developments
  • How to access finance and develop markets
  • An introduction to Africa House, Glasgow

Contact: Asma Abdalla

Next Step Workspaces is the Business Incubation project of Next Step Initiative and it’s allied organizations, the African Forum Scotland and Centre for Africa Policy research and Development Scotland. The project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship by providing unique and targeted business support services to business start-ups, and serve as business hub and incubation centre to the African Communities in Scotland.

Its basic services include provision of:

  • virtual office solutions,
  • call centre,
  • private and shared office workspace,
  • serviced touchdown office,
  • meeting rooms,
  • training and conference facilities; video/tele/web-conferencing solutions,
  • HRM solutions, company incorporation and business accounting services,
  • website design, branding,
  • ERP/CRM solutions, and other hosted IT services for small and medium businesses

The Objectives of this Project are:

  • To offer quality, affordable professionally services for small and medium enterprises and the ethnic minority third sector organisations, social enterprises and new businesses.
  • To provide opportunities for development and sustainability within small and medium enterprises and the ethnic minority third sector organisations, social enterprises and new businesses.
  • To develop an ethnically sensitive centre which supports minority ethnic organisations and enterprises grow and thrive.
  • To help individuals achieve a better quality of life through access to vocational training and work experience, community involvement and personal interactions through multiple communication channels.
  • To develop partnerships with small and medium scale enterprises and the ethnic minority and mainstream organisations to promote access and participation in services and networks which develop business and social enterprises either through our series of branded products/services .

What Makes Our Services Different?

Next Step Initiative is a leading African Social Enterprise in Scotland with a diverse but strong quality inter-related and diverse brand of products and services. This strong brand is backed by the unique selling point;

  • Dept of experience working with the African Communities, third and private sector across Scotland
  • Quote Match; find a better quote in writing and we will match and offer a further 5% reduction
  • Out of Office Hours: provide our clients with mobile numbers, so that they can contact us as need during or out office.

Duration of course:

1 day, 10am to 3.30pm

These workshops are designed initially to enable you to do more with less money. Then assist you to identify alternative ways of getting an income to enhance your own financial and social inclusion within your Scottish community; finally, empowering you to take control of your own financial wellbeing and future social inclusion.

Areas of training will include:

  • Budgeting skills
  • Money management skills
  • Managing financial futures
  • Importance of saving
  • Accessing credit unions
  • Opening bank accounts for young people and their families
  • Learning how to negotiate with creditors
  • Identifying “easy money” options and avoiding them
  • An Introduction in to Africa House Money Advice Service
  • Networking

Contact:Rosemary Sleith