What can a social housing providers offer the BAME community?

A meeting between Next Step Initiative (NSI), Wheatley Group (WG) and members of the African Housing Forum (AHF) was another opportunity in series of attempts to give answers the above question.

The quarterly meeting is a forum for one the largest social housing provider in Western Europe (the landlord) Wheatley Group, its partner and interlocutor for the African community in Scotland to discuss on housing and premises issues members of the African Housing Forum are experiencing and the seek solutions to best support them.

The demand for three and four bedrooms houses suitable for especially large families were among some of the questions asked at the meeting to the social housing provider.

Business premises was also another issue raised by some of the members of the forum who are looking for central locations to operate a business.

One person who has successfully secured an office space for his business from the WG through the AHF is Emeka of the Friends for All (FFA) Project. He thanked the WG for providing the project with an office space in Govan and appeal for the WG to recruit one of its tenants to be assisting in the FFA office.

A woman who spoke at the meeting said she is trying to start an African Women café and are seeking for a venue. She appealed for any support they can get from the forum on business plan and funding.

The AHF is now a member of the Scottish Government Housing Policy Group made up of housing executives across Scotland.

AHF is a strategic forum for WG to benefit members who are mainly living within Wheatley Group Housing.

Two members of the AHF, Lara from Nigeria and Austin from Malawi spoke on their traineeship with NSI in Museums and Built Environment. Both encouraged members of the AHF to join the traineeship through NSI and the opportunities for BAME people to volunteer at Museums and Built Environment cites.


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